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Patrick J. McGowan
At Viewpoints Gallery

Patrick J. McGowan
Sculptor Patrick J. McGowan
Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao is showing the work of sculptor Patrick J. McGowan who has moved to the San Diego area. Patrick was a Maui resident for 13 years and has been a long term exhibitor at Viewpoints. He also shows at the Joelle C. Gallery in Lahaina. He recently announced the completion of three new sculptures. One of them, Father & Child is on display at Viewpoints. The other two, The Greeting and Looking For Answers are being shown in New York. They, along with more of his work, are to be shown at the world renown New York International Art Expo from February 26 to March 1, 2004. Collectors, galleries, and corporate art buyers from the world over come to this show annually looking for new artists.

The Father & Child sculpture is Patrick speaking out in behalf of fathers who seem to be ignored by artists as a loving parental figure. Mother and Child, Madonna and Child, to name a few, abound. He says, "It's time fathers be recognized as being just as nurturing and loving as a mother." Depicted in this work is a child reaching up to draw the father's face as children often do to meet eye to eye. Patrick used a book to bind the two figures because the most intimate and memorable times he had with his children was when reading to them while sitting in his lap. The sculpture's finish resembles stone, but is the work is bronze, about 14" high and 14" wide.

Father and Child

The Greeting

Looking for Answers
The Greeting came to Patrick after hours of observation at railway, bus and airplane terminals. He says, "One thing that stood out as a bit peculiar was that no matter how close the greeting couple might be, the body area below the waist never touched." This unconscious positioning of bodies formed an arch which is the strongest form of support. Patrick says he made that arch the central focus of the piece as symbolic of the meaning of greetings as being another form of support.

Looking For Answers came from the rather sudden death of his oldest son, Jim, from cancer. Patrick feels that losses like this and other setbacks give us all rise to question God, to look for answers. He says, "To find answers though, we would have to know what God knows. We have to persevere in our faith that all things come to some good. All things happen for a reason and when we look back later, we see things did work out for the best. We find answers." The kneeling man is in total supplication with hands outstretched appearing to have lost all he has. The hands were made oversized to accentuate the desperation of the man's questioning. "Hands say so much more than does the mouth and are more honest," according to Patrick. This piece was so close to Patrick's heart, he completed the wax model in two days. The sculpture is bronze, approximately 12" high and 8" wide.

Patrick's works can also be see at several galleries in Solana Beach and San Diego California. He is a member of the National Sculpture Society and the San Diego Museum of Art's Artist's Guild and now lives in Escondido, California. His entire portfolio can be seen on the Internet at

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