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Dining in Maui

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How to Find a Restaurant Here
Restaurants are listed by area unless they are in one of the other categories. Excluded from the area listing, for now, are fine dining, luaus, fast foods, local grinds and deli's and carryouts. If we believe a restaurant is a gourmet experience, we list it only in Fine Dining. Luaus are a category unto themselves, so look for them under, of all things, Luaus. A good place to start may be the winners of the 1999 Maui News Best of Maui readers poll, listed under Maui News Best. Unique island menus, most very inexpensive, are listed under Local Grinds. For picnics or grabbing something for the condo, we've got Deli's & Carryouts. Burgers, subs, and tacos are about all we list in Fast Foods. Everything else, including some great moderately priced or inexpensive restaurants are listed by Area to make a nearby choice easy for you.

Dining and Art
It seems to us that cooking can be an art and many cultural activities have feasting as their centerpiece. In any case art and culture and dining seem to go together so as a convenience to our readers we have listed every restaurant we know of on Maui. When we know they are good at what they do, we say so. We also point you to good nearby restaurants in some of our gallery listings.

Art on Restaurant Walls
It has become a custom for some restaurants to exhibit fine art by Maui artists to enhance the dining experience. We mention these in our restaurant comments. Roy's Kahana restaurant is one of those. During May and June, our own Sue Nash has some of her work on display there.

Your Comments Welcomed
Any comments you want to make, pro or con, about our listings or anything else that comes to mind are welcome. Just click here and jot them down. Mahalo!

Viewpoints Gallery

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